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Welcome to

  Healing the Goddess within 

  with Kara 





To  EMPOWER women to be who they are

By being FREE of control, manipulation, abuse 

To be RESPECTED for who they are,

what they want to do

 Being APPRECIATED for the multi-dimensional/multi-tasking powerful being she is!

To Promote a Sense of Well-Being and Self-Worth

To Raise Self Esteem

To Bring Your POWER Back!

For Holistic Healing To Take Place


Passionate about Empowering Women to be who they really are!

By working intuitively with my skills and abilities to gain the most out of our time together in session. 

To also share my knowledge and spread awareness that you can recover from abuse and

reclaim your life back! 

Glimpse back to the past and preview the future or connect to your inner child to gain insight, knowledge, wisdom and healing.  

Whichever therapy you choose, you will be empowered to be more confident that you are on the right path or be given the confidence to change it. This would be healing in itself by giving you a sense of empowerment, well-being, strength and acknowledgement of your purpose.

You can discover and recover the memories that have been hidden from your conscious self about your past and the future that you had already planned before you were born.



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