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Sessions have been postponed for now....

What is Empowerment?

For us to be empowered, we need to be full of power, confidence, passion, drive,

enthusiasm and energy.


We can do this by:

Thinking POSITIVE THOUGHTS about everyone & everything

Also about yourself, if you put yourself down, so will others

Through being positive in all areas of our life

Forgiveness/Compassion - Forgiving ourselves and others

Thinking kind, loving thoughts about everyone and everything

Send out Love & light to people you know and the whole world

Accept who you are, what you are

Look at your strengths – what are you good at?

Have a vision, purpose, goal in life

Give yourself confidence:

By telling yourself you DESERVE to be treated with respect, you have a right to be here!

How do we lose our power?

By giving our energy away!

Letting people dominant us, control us

Thinking/feeling we are not worthy, not good enough

Focussing on our weaknesses


Being afraid of something or someone

Being angry or frustrated with YOURSELF

all these and more can drain our energy!

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