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Kara has the most loveliest energy and takes great time to guide you through each step of the programme and this helps you journey whilst feeling safe as she guides you through it all. Kara has great knowledge and love for her talent and this comes through strong along with her spiritual skill. I would highly recommend. Lots of love xxxx Nicola Parkinson Registered Osteopath, Founder of Cool kids with cool minds Tel: 07973953634


Kara is a genuinely gentle and caring person who loves to help her clients.  She is very professional and will listen carefully to your problems or issues.  She considers different methods that are the best for you and is sure to follow up after the session with feedback and answering questions that you have.  A true healer and an amazing therapist!

Jennifer Aitkin


Kara is lovely, would recommend anyone to go to any workshop she does, very welcoming and explains everything wonderfully.  It more than fulfilled my expectations and the pace was great.  Very enlightening so looking forward to next one!  Thank you so much.

Bright Blessings Georgena Blything


A very enlightening workshop, my expectations were more than I expected, the pace was just right.  Thank you Kara, my first time in Glastonbury!

Pam Mathias 


On meeting Kara I felt immediately connected spiritually, She has a very warm open spirit that she understands on all levels.  Kara has a wealth of goodness in her being.  On my last session I had an incredible experience during the healing and felt I received exactly what my body needed to heal itself.  I thoroughly recommend anyone to have a healing session with Kara.



I was drawn to contact Kara about the very uncomfortable dynamic between my youngest daughter and my boyfriend. Kara gave me a vision she had received from the angels concerning my situation, and although it didn't immediately make sense, over the next couple of days it did! I had been ignoring a truth which once I realised - as a result of Kara’s vision - I was able to accept and the dynamic between my daughter and my boyfriend eased. The relationship between my daughter and I has also improved, and in a very short space of time. I am very thankful to you Kara... the situation could have dragged on for months and my relationships deteriorated to nothing if I hadn't contacted you... 

Warm wishes....


Happy mum!


Having struggled with the side effects of strong conventional medications for too long, I looked to the spiritual side of life for a solution- & I found Kara! Now I listen to Kara's CD 'the Healing Sanctuary of the Angels' every night & thanks to her wisdom (& hypnotic voice), I drift off to sleep peacefully; waking the next morning feeling refreshed, energised & more clear headed than I have done in years. 

Thank you Kara, & friends!

Jemm B


PAST LIFE REGRESSION: - My session with Kara was very well planned and executed to be able to pinpoint which lifetime I was involving overeating as this has been affecting my lifetime at this moment. She was tactful and courteous and put me at ease from the offset which for me is a big issue. What I can say is it was able to help me change patterns that were repeating from other lifetimes. I like to say a massive thank you Kara for helping me, I shall be coming back to you very soon for more. 

JOURNEY WITH THE ANGELS:- I love these cds' they are most relaxing and all-encompassing involving ease of relaxation and visualisation, they are calming and easy to follow.   

Great stuff well worth buying and shall be in future too. 


Corrina Thorby


I found the workshop very thought out and balanced. Kara is lovely and made me feel at ease and safe. Each exercise took me in enough depth to recover a soul part and get to know a side of myself I didn't know before. I definately reccommend this to anyone who is on the journey of self-development.

Bianca Z.

Workshop for Women - June 2013


I would highly recommend 'workshop for women' run by Kara, she is deeply empathetic and a spiritual guide. She ran a focused and meditative workshop which helps unblock, release fears and reveal true soul purpose. Very spiritual and very focused.

Johanna M.

Workshop for Women - June 2013


"Really enjoyed the energy and learned some new techniques to practise and help myself. Really enjoyed the day. Very friendly and empowering. Well done Kara"

Elaine S.

Workshop for Women - May 2013


"Overall the Workshop was excellent, very moving and well explained. 

Kara was excellent, very supportive and such a lovely safe space. Thankyou for this experience."

Claire B

Workshop for Women  May 2013


"Very insightful and helpful to understand patterns and situations. Incredibly insightful day. Kara is very experienced and compassionate and provided a safe space to feel and experience your emotions."

Carolina - Glastonbury

 Workshop for Women May 2013


"It was a very down to earth day and really well organised in terms of order of the day." (more to be emailed).

Sarah H.

Workshop for Women May 2013


"Fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very helpful. It exceeded any expectations I may have had." (more to be emailed).


Workshop for Women May 2013


"I came a little judgemental and not open but it shifted a lot of issues which I have not been able to 'shift'. I have felt 'stuck and trapped' for some time and despite many Workshops and Meditations. I seem to have lost my way but now feel that my pathway has opened again!"

Anita P.

Workshop for Women - May 2013

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